Show handling books: New Secrets of Successful Show Dog Handling

New Secrets of Successful Show Dog Handling
Written by Mario Migliorini & Peter Green
"New Secrets of Successful Show Dog Handling is the definitive book on the sport of exhibiting purebred dogs. From early training to ring strategy and promoting a special dog, this comprehensive, illustrated guide reveals the actual practices, procedures and etiquette involved in showing.
• What dog shows are all about • Early show training • Setting up your dog • Baiting • Ring procedures • Conditioning • Presentation and ring strategy • Tricks of the trade • The secret formula for success • Publicizing your dog.
Gems From The Book: *Handling is the art of making dogs look their absolute best! *Handlers must convey a positive attitude: Those who doubt their ability to win are rarely mistaken. *A person who has never failed has failed to extend himself. *Subtlety can mean the difference between superior and merely adequate handling."