Show handling books: Raising a Champion

Raising a Champion: A Beginner's Guide to Showing Dogs
Written by A. Meredith John & Carole L. Richards
"We award the blue ribbon for packing excellent information into to "Raising a Champion". It's a must-have book. -- Dog World Magazine, September 2002"
"Whether you're new to showing dogs, or are a breeder sending a show puppy to a new home, here's an award-winning book that will help get your show puppy off to a great start! Raising a Champion is the complete handbook for people who show their own dogs! Raising a Champion has complete, detailed and fully illustrated instructions! Twenty five chapters contain step-by-step information about training for and competing in the show ring. The FAQs answer questions that every handler asks at some time. Counting championship points is carefully explained and illustrated with dozens of worked examples."